Nowadays fewer and fewer Californians are able to achieve the American Dream of home ownership. In the urban coastal counties the price a basic three bedroom two bathroom starter home can often exceed well over  $750,000.  Even in Sacramento and the great Central Valley buyers can expect to pay over $400,000 for a stater home.

Because of the high cost to site-build a new home, home buyers increasingly are choosing manufactured homes. Today many Californians have discovered that the best deal in residential home ownership is often times a manufactured home.


If you haven’t explored the options available in manufactured homes, you may be unaware of the many innovations now offered. Manufactured homes have come a long way over the years. Today’s manufactured homes are offered in a wide range of floor plans with upgraded elements such as beautiful solid wood custom cabinetry, low-E dual pane windows, hardwood flooring, granite counter tops, vaulted ceilings and top of the line brand name appliances.


Some prospective home buyers may attempt to save money by purchasing foreclosed or discounted new homes. To be honest in a California urban coastal county, who would pay over $500,000 for an abandoned house that’s been poorly maintained and needs extensive renovations when you could buy a new four bedroom, two bathroom manufactured home, complete with a warranty and customized to your specifications for half of that?